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Coding roots that go all the way back to the MySpace years.  Age reference? Maybe.

Proud to be Gen-X, I love retrowave music, science fiction, 80's pop culture, retro-nostalgia and I speak fluent movie quotes. 

I am the hardest working laid back person you'll ever meet and finding the perfect work-life balance is important to me. I am old enough to be securely grounded in reality, young enough to dream big and bold enough to confidently pursue our mission by continually learning new ways to make those dreams a reality. 

I believe that extraordinary customer service is not an anomaly or an exception -it's the rule.

Designing and developing feels less like a job and more like a passion. It allows me to flex my creative muscles while at the same time applying my analytical skills. Creating beautifully functional websites and highly aesthetic branding allows other business owners maximize their profitability and that is in alignment with my divine purpose -a helper!

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Tricia Lanette


A Special Note To My Longtime Clients

Dear valued friends and clients,

Many of you may know me from other hats I have worn over the years. I have worked in the healthcare and beauty industry for many years. My work in the healthcare industry has nurtured my analytical skills while also fine-tuning my empathetic communication style to identify and meet the needs in others. 

My work as a makeup artist has been published in magazines and brought me to some pretty cool places like red carpet events at the world famous Playboy Mansion. I have worked on various FX projects in film and on geeky prosthetic makeup projects at the San Diego Comic Con. I have also worked with a countless number of wonderful brides and I always felt honored and privileged to be such an important part of that special day.

Somewhere along the road, I decided that I want to pursue a single endeavor that encompassed all of the things I love about these careers. One that gave me the freedom to travel and work anywhere in the world. 

So, I rolled up my sleeves and went back to the drawing board knowing that this endeavor must be digital. I remembered the fun I had during the MySpace days  transforming a boring page into a uniquely stylized personal landing page using a little custom coding. 

For me, although I had all but forgotten, it all came back quickly. I had also built websites for myself and others in the past, using what basic understanding I had. I have since built upon that knowledge and strengthened my skill set to align with the current web development landscape and platforms.

 During a time of deep adversity and challenge, Electric Paradise Creative is a silver lining born amongst the ruins of 2020. 

I would like you to know that I consider you all friends and I thank you for all of the opportunities and support you have graciously extended over the years. If you have worked with me in the past, you know the high level of my professional work ethic, my attention to creative detail and my dependability are my greatest strengths. 

As always, your referral of friends and family is the highest compliment you can give and I look forward to being your trusted partner for all of your future digital project needs.

To infinity and beyond,

Tricia Lanette

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