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As a business owner you must think like an astronaut

[ someone who makes the right decisions when the consequences matter ]


You resiliently overcome obstacles and adapt to change. When faced with a challenge and seeking solutions -

You are flexible in how a situation is approached.


You ask questions to understand, not simply to get answers. You trust those who help guide your quest for success -

A trust which is reflective and built upon good judgment.


Your brand encompasses your indomitable spirit, adaptability, resourcefulness and extraordinary perseverance -

You are an embodiment of the brave astronaut archetype.

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Breathe Life 
Into Your 

Your online image functions as a digital “spacesuit” – a fundamental component of ensuring your brand’s survival in cyberspace.

The primary function of a spacesuit during any mission is to provide critical life-support beyond what a human alone is capable of achieving. When designed with aesthetics and optimal functionality, it also provides security and a stark advantage over your industry rivals.

You are a hero on a mission to launch your brand into cyberspace and a well developed brand is the key to your prosperity. 

Equipped with an advanced understanding of where branding and cyberspace technology collide, we offer curated branding content, aesthetic social media presence and innovative website solutions for the most ambitious astronauts out there. 

That being said we are passionate about creating on-brand content that is equally aesthetically-pleasing, user-friendly, and functional, responding to the modern consumer’s demands and expectations.

San diego website design

Helping Your Brand 
Live Long and Prosper

website design san diego


Electric Paradise Creative is a crew of intelligent creatives dedicated to perfecting the harmonic balance of brand aesthetics and purpose.

 Alright...we're geeks.


Our ongoing mission is to provide innovative marketing solutions supporting the digital strategy and global growth of visionary brand owners.

Your prosperity is our ultimate goal.


We are passionate problem solvers with playful spirits. We're on a quest to help bold entrepreneurs who are not afraid of the unknown -

But rather drawn to it.

Connecting With Your Audience

We understand that the first step to brand awareness is to foster a sense of connection with your audience. Using a storytelling approach with a visual appeal specific to the core values of your target audience is critical to growing your brand.

Connecting with your audience is the key to guiding your prospects down the conversion funnel and converting them into loyal brand ambassadors. 

To Infinity and Beyond

With us the sky is not the limit because the cyber universe is infinite, and so are the possibilities to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Our team knows exactly which buttons to push to skyrocket your brand to success.

Let Us Help Launch You To The Moon and Guide Your Way Through Cyberspace

All you need is a reliable and competent crew by your side – ‘cause we’ve all learned from “The Martian” what happens when you leave an astronaut alone to survive in space...

Our goal is to help you reach new heights by turning your vision into a tangible gold-star worthy product that will prepare your business for a successful launch.

We believe there’s too much jargon and ambiguity within our industry, so we take a friendly approach and strive to make the branding, social media and web development process as clear and transparent as possible.